About Us

Our Story

Established in 2017 in Singapore, Handmade vintage leather bags have been an essential accessory college going teens and office going professionals. The material and kinds of bags have a vast variety which you can see if you walk on any campus. However, there is no other bag which gives the supreme quality and satisfaction of a genuine handmade leather bag. Be it a messenger bag or a laptop bag or any different kind of leather accessory, we at Cesrome have it all.

Our Mission

When we started the company, we had no idea that many people around the globe would want genuine handmade leather products. Once we realized the demand for our products, we went to work and made it our mission to deliver the best handmade vintage leather products at your doorstep at the least possible time possible. We imagine a world with everyone carrying one of our vintage leather bags, making the world beautiful one bag at a time.

Our Insight

With the sales volume soaring in the past six months, we compromised on many things like our sleep and family time. The one thing we did not compromise on was the quality of the leather used and the design to satisfy your fashion taste buds. We also did not resort to unnatural methods for aging and coloring the leather. The process used is 100% natural and we pre-order in large quantity to beat the timelines, so you get what you want in time without hampering the quality of the product. Moreover, the additional attachments like zippers, belts, and buckles are made of 100% brass making it corrosion free and usable for years to come.